“ I love being a health coach! I can explain to people how changing your lifestyle will change their life, but it’s so exciting when a client experiences it personally!”

It's a LIFESTYLE - NOT a Diet!


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Pam Bredenkamp
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I am a certified health coach through Villanova University College of Nursing & The MacDonald Center of Obesity Prevention Education. I have inspired so many people with my own personal health journey, collectively my clients has relinquished over 1000 lbs! and in many cases reversed their Type II Diabetes, lowered their blood pressure, and eliminated many (if not all) of their medications.

I hope this blog and My Journey inspires you to explore a new healthy lifestyle with a community of support. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on social media!


3 Steps Towards Creating Optimal Health

An introductory guide to creating a healthy body and mind!