Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

Once the magnolia and dogwood blossoms appear, it’s time to shed those outer layers. Our hiding place for the last two seasons—beneath baggy sweaters and loose-fitting pants—is now gone for a few months. If you’re not quite ready for shorts-wearing weather, you’re not alone.

Eating, especially in the spring and summer months when outdoor celebrations dot our calendars, is an American pastime. Cookouts, graduations, weddings, and pool parties are a blast, but can be tricky to navigate when you’re on Plan.

So how can we keep our friends and our figures, our social engagements and our health goals?  It’s easier than you think.  Below are some strategies to keep you on track:

  • Routine is keen. On the day of your party, you might make a few alterations to your meal schedule, moving your Lean & Green to lunchtime for an afternoon event, splitting it in half for two events. Remember to stick with your schedule, especially your exercise.
  • Bring something. Showing up with a platter of veggies or a tray of lean deli meats will ensure that you have plenty of on-Plan foods to keep you safe and satisfied.
  • Talk, walk. Parties are not really about the food; they’re about the friends. Chat up a new acquaintance, or cozy up to an old pal. Find someone whose company you enjoy, and talk or, better, walk.  Moving away from the buffet and ditchin’ the kitchen are a must.
  • BYOB. That’s Bring Your Own Bars! Is everyone carrying a plate with a slab of cake on it? Bring along an OPTAVIA Campfire S’mores Bar, place it on a plate, and top it with one to two tablespoons of pressurized whipped topping (2 Tbsp = 1 condiment). They’ll want what you’re having!

You’re only human so don’t beat yourself up if you slip off of Plan. Just get right back on track after the party.