Health Tips for Couples Series - Post 1

Paul and I have been married for 42 years, and while everyone has a different concept of what healthy is to them, we agree that it is all about feeling your absolute best physically, emotionally, and mentally! In this series of posts I'll be sharing some healthy tips couples of all ages can do together.  It's through his help and support I've been able to loose 100 lbs.  So - here we go!

Our physical health has to do with our nutrition, exercise habits, and sufficient rest. Whereas our mental health has a lot to do with our habits, thought patterns, and confidence.

Regardless of how we define healthy, everyone wants to feel better, however that may be for them.

Creating (and achieving) goals with your partner doesn’t only strengthen your relationship, but also provides motivation, accountability, support, and some serious bonding!

Implementing new healthy habits can be difficult to stick to alone. Including your partner in on your journey to a healthier lifestyle makes the process more enjoyable, encourages your partner to also benefit their health, and provides more sustainable, lasting change.

A few tips to remember when embarking on this  adventure with your significant other include:

-Understand their point of view

-Recognize their individual goals (and how they may be different from yours)

-Lead by example

-Be patient

-Regularly encourage each other

-Make it enjoyable!

Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach