Health Tips for Couples Series - Post 10

Health isn’t all about what you eat, how you move, and when you relax. It’s also about feeding your brain! Think of it this way... Reading is to the mind as exercise is to the body.

Picking up a book provides:

-Mental stimulation

-Stress relief

-Vocabulary expansion

-Improvement in memory

-Better focus and concentration

-Enhanced writing skills


As for you relationship, reading plays a role as well. Reading has shown to increase empathy! Being exposed to different points of view puts you in the position of trying to understand the feelings of others more frequently and more accurately.

Reading before bed can also improve your sleep quality. This is HUGE for health and something that can easily become a nice habit to share as a couple. Paul will read articles or short stories to me, but he knows that he always has to start the reading with "once upon a time" - LOL it's just one of those silly things we started 40+ years ago. 

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