Health Tips for Couples Series - Post 9

Meditation is usually considered a very personal experience. Afterall, it is usually practiced in silence, with your eyes closed, without not interaction with others. However, partner meditation can hold you accountable to your meditation practice AND strengthen your bond with your partner.

Mediation can:

-Help balance out your physical well being

-Strengthen your immune system

-Refine your communication with your body

-Promote more purposeful and flexible thinking

-Aid in clearer decision making

-Improve your memory and focus

-Give you more overall clarity

-Enhance your self-esteem and confidence

-Provide you with a greater sense of compassion and empathy towards others

-Amplify feelings of optimism and happiness

-Help you gain a true relationship with yourself

-Benefit creatively

-Strengthen and improve your relationship with others

If all of that wasn’t enough, mediation ALSO works to help you connect with your partner better!

Check out this couples meditation by Josh Wise of

“The purpose of this couples meditation is to come into resonance with your partner. Sit cross-legged with your partner. Face each other so that your knees are touching. Sit with your backs straight and hold one another’s hands. Your hands can rest comfortably atop your legs.

Close your eyes and breathe. Don’t try to force anything. Simply be present with your own breath. Allow yourself to be just as you are in this moment. This is your opportunity to practice mindfulness. Remain with the sensation of your breath.

A few minutes into this couples meditation, allow yourself to notice the cadence of your partner’s breath. You might notice that your breath has already aligned with your partner’s. This happens naturally as your bodies and minds attune to one another.”

If you try this out over the weekend, let me know how your experience was!

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