Healthy Tips for Couples Series - Post 12

Seeing is believing! A vision board is a creative interpretation of your goals and a great addition to any healthy lifestyle. It can be used to motivate you, keep you on task, and cultivate gratitude.

Here’s how:

Define your intentions.

What are your goals? How do you plan to achieve them?

Gather your supplies of choice.

You could use a poster board or a blank sheet of paper. Find images that resonate with your intentions from any resource you find useful.


Make sure to create a mix of words and images that fit the qualifying theme of your vision. Place them in a way that makes you feel good and glue away!

Place in an area of your home that you will be able to see it regularly.

Whatever your goal may be, keep in mind you are making this for YOU!

Yours will DEFINITELY be different from your partner’s and that’s the point! Vision boards are a great outlet to express the differences in both of your goals and offer more personalized motivation. Plus it’s a super fun activity to do together!

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