Journey to Success - Anita

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“After four kids and yo-yo dieting my entire life, I had gotten to a very high and unhealthy weight. My blood sugars were going higher and I was starting to have some heart problems. I was shocked when my doctor had suggested weight loss surgery, as my mother battled her weight her entire life.”

Anita’s mother ended up getting Type Two Diabetes along with high blood pressure. She passed away at a young age from complications to a stroke. Anita was worried she was going down the same path.

“My daughter had told me about a program she had success with, but I thought it was another diet.”

Anita was very skeptical. Her daughter told Anita that her OPTAVIA Coach had not only lost 60 pounds*, but kept it off. So, Anita decided to try the OPTAVIA Program and she was amazed with her results – not only was she losing weight, she was also feeling great!

“The pounds and inches came off. I have now lost 61 pounds*. When my doctor saw my transformation, she practically jumped for joy! I completely changed my health. Now, I am doing the things I used to only dream about.”

At age 55, Anita is learning to surf, and she’s doing 5Ks and putting her focus on an active lifestyle.

“I could not keep this amazing secret to myself so I am now an OPTAVIA Coach, where I share this wonderful Program with others.”

Anita feels blessed to have been introduced to OPTAVIA. The OPTAVIA Program has completely changed her life. Not only has she kept the weight off, but she lives by the Habits of Health™.

“I was so happy I got to personally thank Dr. Wayne Andersen for this program at the last OPTAVIA Event. I will always be grateful to my daughter for introducing me to OPTAVIA.”