Journey to Success - Jody

Love at First Bite

“It’s been very fulfilling to go from a broken man in desperation to being an inspiration.”

At more than 200 pounds overweight, Jody was miserable. “My four young kids – deserved a better me. My wife deserved a better me. I deserved a better me.”

“Everything was hard — tying my shoes, walking, showering, rolling over in bed during restless nights of sleep, sitting down, standing up, feeling good about myself, and fitting into seats. Honestly, I'd given up on life.”

Jody’s turning point was on a painful and uncomfortable plane ride. “I forced myself to write about how miserable it was to squeeze into a small seat on a regional jet. The thing is, I was as miserable in the rest of my life as I was on that flight.”

“It's hard to put into words how much different my life has improved since I made a decision to change after that fateful flight.” Jody is forever grateful for the OPTAVIA Program and wonderful Community, his wife included, that helped him find his “on” button.

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“From the get-go, this program clicked for me. I went from being mad that I only got to eat six small meals a day to being grateful for the self-control and portion control that I learned from incorporating healthy habits of mindful and healthy eating into my life.”

“For me and this program, it was love at first bite.” Jody has lost 160 pounds* and feels as though everything has changed for the better. To him, his transformation has not just been about his weight loss, Jody also feels as though he has experienced an incredible health change and an improved mindset, attitude, and outlook.

“Early in my journey, I decided to become a Coach to pay this tremendous gift forward to others who need it as desperately as I did. It's been so rewarding to help friends turn the lights on in their souls and to improve their health and happiness.”

“My transformation began on an airplane as a small spark inside of my heart as I tried to find my way. It's ignited into something much bigger and brighter now that I've embraced the OPTAVIA way. Stay tuned. The best is yet to come.”