Journey to Success - Joice

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Creating a New Me!

“I was overweight and then obese from childhood on, having grown up with plenty of food on the table and a family where emotional eating was the norm.”

Diets had never worked for Joice, but there was a new option of gastric bypass surgery. It changed her life in many ways - she lost some weight and became more active. But, bariatric surgery was only an answer in some situations. It also carried devastating lifelong consequences.

“For the past 40 plus years, I have not only been limited in the amount of food I can eat, but also the kinds of foods I can tolerate. When I eat food that doesn't agree with me, the result is either hours of discomfort or eventual regurgitation.”

For many years, Joice lived with being obese— she figured it was the hand life had dealt. She was miserable, chronically depressed, physically sick, and mostly sedentary.

“My primary physician at the time shared OPTAVIA, and I found hope that I could not only lose weight, and create improved health, but also be well-nourished for the first time in decades!”

When Joice heard about the long-range, comprehensive OPTAVIA program that was focused on lifelong healthy changes, she knew immediately this was for her. And, the small, frequent Fuelings were a realistic possibility for her limited gastric situation!

“I made a committed decision to create health and improve the quality of my life—not just in body size, but in other areas of my life as well. Part of my success can be measured in measurable results such as 108 pounds* shed on the Optimal Weight 5&1 Plan®, and because of my weight loss, I also improved my blood sugar.

But, this doesn't compare to other outcomes she has witnessed, such as being more active. She has energy like she never imagined, and feels great in her own body!

“I want to be fully alive as long as I live, and OPTAVIA has added life to my years I am beyond grateful to/for my doctor, and my entire support Community as I continue to create ME!”