Journey to Success - Sophia


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“Before starting the OPTAVIA program, I was hopeless. I had struggled with weight my entire adult life.”

Sophia had gained and lost weight many times before, but she struggled to keep it off. As a result, she didn’t feel comfortable in her own skin.

“I hated getting dressed. I avoided social situations. I was embarrassed to do just about anything.”

Sophia also felt like a horrible example to her daughter. She didn't want her to experience the same struggle she did.

“My breaking point was when I was 39 and I was desperately trying to lose weight before I hit 40. Instead of losing weight, I gained it all year long, to the point of where I weighed what I weighed when I was pregnant with my son.”

Sophia was devastated. She figured this was just the way her body was meant to be, and she felt she was always going to be the overweight sister, friend, wife, and worst of all, overweight mother.

“Then I found the OPTAVIA program and on day four I felt so good I didn't care how much weight I lost. I had hope for the first time in 20 years!”

To date, Sophia has lost more than 90 pounds* and she is really feeling comfortable in her skin.

“I love spending time with family and friends! The best thing is I finally feel like I’m a positive example of health and confidence to my daughter.”