Journey To Sucess - Karen


"On March 31, 2014, I was the mom of five, four of whom were quadruplets, and I weighed an unhealthy 312 pounds!"

Karen Swantek had been overweight her entire life and had become accustomed to the discomfort; shocked stares of strangers and concerned looks of loved ones.

"I was blessed to have a loving husband, close friends, and a close relationship with God, but I was in pain daily from sciatica, bad knees, aching hips, and a host of other problems that go hand in hand with obesity, especially an internalized low self-esteem that I covered with a wicked sense of humor."

After two Coaches with OPTAVIA approached her about the program, Karen was skeptical, and due to her untrusting nature, she declined to participate. Finally, she tried the program in early 2014.

"I had reached the end of my own stubborn long rope, was sick of spinning my wheels, and being a poor role model to my children as well as a basically unhappy person despite my outward defensive humor."

After losing an amazing 154 pounds*, Karen decided she wanted to share this gift with others, and she became Coach.

"I had embarked upon a new lifestyle, one that was not merely satisfied with weight loss. It was a lifestyle of Optimal Health where weight loss was only a natural byproduct. It was a lifestyle where I could run, and jump, which most people take for granted (but not at 312 pounds)."

Currently Karen envisions a future world, where her story is not unique or rare, but where health through excellent nutrition, great activity, excellent sleep, financial freedom, and caring about others and being a part of OPTAVIA's Community is the norm!

"I know without a doubt that my future involves touching thousands of lives and making them better by doing so, just as her Coaches and Dr. Wayne Andersen have given me a life I could not have envisioned a mere three years ago."