Acheiving Optimal Health

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Working towards Optimal Health requires a series of gradual changes made at your own pace.

A healthy lifestyle isn’t just about losing weight, but about becoming a balanced person that displays healthy habits across the gamut – from healthy sleep patterns to maintaining healthy nutrition, and more.

Follow these five steps to fulfill yourself on a daily basis.

  • Get enough sleep. Getting your body healthy starts with a good night’s rest. Dr. Wayne Andersen calls for 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Sleeping this long on a consistent basis will help you cope with everyday challenges that come your way!
  • Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Ensure the foods you eat are rich in vitamins and nutrients, such as green vegetables and lean proteins like chicken or fish. Also, try to consume 64 ounces of water per day.* Hydration is key to helping your body run throughout the day.
  • Do something you love. We do our best when we’re doing something we love. Play with your pet, go hiking, or challenge yourself to a game of chess! These types of activities will keep us upbeat and in high spirits.
  • Stay positive. Practice positive affirmations to become a firm believer in you. Smile and laugh with friends and family. This will increase your confidence and will help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Save time for relaxation. Close your eyes, and relax in a quiet place for 20 minutes, take time to practice deep breathing exercises, attend a yoga class, or take a bath. Any of these exercises will leave you refreshed and recharged.

As part of a community, I'm here to support you as we all achieve lifelong transformation, one healthy habit at a time!

Tips for Optimal Heart-Health

Your heart is an incredible organ that works hard nonstop. In honor of American Heart month, show your heart some love this Valentine's Day!

Making small changes to your habits can make a big difference when it comes to heart health. Here are some tips to follow that will prepare your heart for a sweet Valentine's Day.

  • Before walking into the Supermarket, wait. Ask yourself if you're feeling hungry. Before stepping into the store, make sure to eat something first. Keep a few OPTAVIA Bars in your bag, just in case. Your heart will thank you for it.
  • Weigh your protein cooked before you dig in. Weigh out 5-7 ounces depending on the type of protein you select. Because your heart is an important muscle, eating the right amount of protein will help to keep it strong.
  • Did you get the right amount of sleep last night? Record your favorite late night shows so you can get to bed earlier. You can always watch them later, and sleep helps your heart!
  • Have you taken any steps to reduce stress today? Take that yoga class you've been interested in at the local gym - you'll feel calmer after it's over and reducing stress helps your heart now!
  • When is the last time you hung out with friends? If you haven't seen your friends in a long while, make an excuse to get together. Host a book club or gather at a local coffee shop.

Keep your heart healthy and make small habit changes. Your heart will love you for it!

"Lifelong Transformation - one healthy habit at a time!"

Tips-for-optimal-heart-health | Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach