Beating Stress with Optimal Wellbeing

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Stress is something we all face on a daily basis, and it has a funny way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

What you do with your stress is what's important. Your journey to lifelong transformation is one way to counteract stress, but you can also beat it and achieve Optimal Wellbeing with these healthy activities.

  • Get a massage. Try to find 30 minutes to an hour per month and indulge yourself in a massage. There is nothing like human touch to get your blood flowing and promote feelings of well-being.
  • Practice yoga. With yoga you'll take away ways to overcome stress by building skills like deep breathing, stretching, and slowing down your mind, which you can practice during mini-breaks scheduled throughout your busy work day.
  • Disconnect with a warm bath. Step away from the hectic pace of life and relax for 20 minutes in a hot bath. A bath gives you built in time away from phone calls and emails, and you can make it more lavish with essential oils or scented Epsom salts.
  • Laugh. Go see or watch your favorite comedian, tell jokes around the dinner table, meet with friends and reminisce. There are many ways to find ways to laugh, and studies show that this is a verified way to reduce stress in the process!
  • Create a comfy and inviting home. Make small adjustments to de-stress your home such as playing relaxing music, placing plants and other fragrant flowers, hanging artwork, finding a place for meditation. You can also add a wind chime to your porch to relax yourself to sleep in the evenings.

Ask me for more details on how to de-stress your life, and achieve Optimal Wellbeing.