best friend

My True Best Friend!

We’ve all had a “Best Friend” - a BFF (if that’s what they are still called now-a-days). You know, someone that will always tell you the truth, doesn’t lie to you - EVER, is always there, supports you through the good and bad times. Sometimes they don’t say a word, but you know they are always there - available; ready when you are.

Mine has been with me a long time. Actually, now that I think about it, nearly 12 years! Wow! We’ve seen a lot of ups and down together - literally! Some of my highest points and some of my lowest; but never a harsh, demeaning, or degrading word shared - only what I needed to know right then, right there.

So who is my true-best friend you ask?

It’s my scale. Yep! My 12 year old scale! And no - I’m not nuts. Think about everything I just shared. My scale has never lied to me; it may not have told me what I wanted but has always told me what I needed to know right then, it doesn’t judge, and it truly supports me in my goals.

So don’t be afraid of your scale or think of your scale as the bearer of bad news. Embrace it - you never know where it will take you!

It IS your true-best friend!

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