Better Together!

Traci and her husband took control of their health, enjoying life again, and are never looking, or going back!!  They used the skills and new habits they learned during weight loss to continue on their healthy lifestyle.  "There is so much strength and support that comes with getting healthy together.  We are better together!!"

#TransformationTuesday - Friday addition.  (Sorry I just couldn't wait until Tuesday)

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New Series: Health Tips for Couples

A healthy relationship is much like teammates on a sports team. They work together, consistently trying to bettering themselves for the sake of their team. They also work towards making their whole team more functional and successful.

Partners in a relationship are very similar. They accentuate the best in each other, yet challenge each other to become better. When this motivational energy is translated to our health, we can truly see the benefits in making health a team effort!

Join me to learn effective and sustainable health and wellness tips that can serve as lifestyle medicine for you and your partner during this Health Tips For Couples series - Strategies to Amplify the Health for You and Your Partner, posts will start tomorrow - Thursday, February 1st.

The most common complaints used by people struggling to adopt healthier habits include:

-I don’t have enough time to cook
-I can’t commit to an exercise routine
-I can’t get on a sleep schedule
-I don’t have the energy
-I get bored too quickly
-It’s too expensive

During Health Tips For Couples, you will gain strategies to combat all of these excuses and finally achieve health goals!

I have one quick question, how badly do you want to get healthy and fall even more in love?

If the answer is "pretty badly" then this is the perfect experience for you! Watch for almost 2 weeks of daily posts starting Thursday, February 1st.

My Motivation

I am motivated to share how easy it is to attain a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your partner as there is no reason for you or your family to settle for inferior health.

Invite, or tag, the people you care about most to these posts, Health Tips For Couples - Strategies to Amplify the Health for You and Your Partner, to learn ways to take control of your diet, health, and life!