Happy Feet


Look down at your feet, and think about the people you love...

📖Here’s the story of the AMAZING woman behind the feet:

"My name is Noelle. I have been obese most of my adult life. I avoided scales, mirrors and cameras for a long time. In June of 2016 I took my children to the zoo and they were forced to wait for me every 10-15 min due to back pain and exertion. This was not the life I wanted for my children. It was time for a change. I decided to face the scale, weighing in at 414 pounds. I was devastated. I decided at that moment that I had to completely change my lifestyle for good or I wasn't going to be around much longer. I started my journey July 29th, 2016 and on my 1 year anniversary I had lost 207 pounds (half my body weight). I feel amazing and have so much energy. I now get to enjoy my life with my children....hiking, zip lining, swinging and so much more."

But there is a story behind these feet and putting one in front of the other (pun intended) by utilizing all 4 pillars of our lifestyle program...

"Progress not perfection" Huge part of losing weight is believing You Can Do It and realizing it's not going to happen over night. Starting at 414 pounds, I set small achievable goals for myself. If I focused on needing to lose 200 plus pounds, I would've been easily discouraged and overwhelmed. I focused on getting to 399 and then set 20 pound goals for myself. I hit 4 plateaus that would last 2 to 3 weeks and one that lasted almost a month. I stuck to my goals through all of them....why? Because this is a lifestyle change. Whether the scale is moving or not, I am improving my health every day by making the right food choices and moving my body. "Remember to never give up what you want most for what you want today."

❤️💥Proud of you Noelle for not giving up on what you wanted... glad our program has been the fit to assist you in making lifelong transformation - one healthy habit at a time!😍😍

Four Milestone Goals To Strive For

Four-milestones-to-strive-for | Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach

Celebrating your Journey Step-by-Step:

When it comes to weight loss, a steady pace towards lifelong transformation is best for long term results and optimization.

It can be helpful to break up that overarching goal into smaller, "milestone" achievements along the way. Envisioning these milestones, and giving yourself recognition when you meet them, lets you reward yourself for the small changes and will help keep you on Plan.

Below are four notable milestones to set along the way:

  • Your first progress compliment. "You look great!" or "Have you lost weight recently?" are fabulous comments that you're likely to hear on your journey to lifelong transformation. Commemorate these comments by recording them in a gratitude journal or even on a post-it that you can stick on your mirror to read whenever you need to!
  • You notice YOU on camera. And it makes you feel proud and confident. Post that photo and enjoy the praise of others. Update your framed photos and put new ones around the house. Why not celebrate how amazing you look and feel with a professional photo shoot?
  • You overcome a plateau. If you prepare yourself for the idea that plateaus happen, and are temporary, you'll be better prepared to stay on track if/when you experience one. The best thing we can do is to remind ourselves that we are doing the right things but to also take advantage of the support and resources that are always available to you, like me, your OPTAVIA Coach.
  • You revisit your Why. This will remind you of the progress you desire in achieving your goals by inspiring yourself with the reasons why you want to continue on this journey to lifelong transformation - one healthy habit at a time™!

This list offers some meaningful ideas you can write down and commemorate on your journey to lifelong transformation, making it easier to achieve Optimal Health. Contact me for other suggestions along the way!

Dream Big

How-To Make a Powerful Dream Board

dream-big.png | Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach

When it comes to transforming your life one healthy habit at a time, bring your dreams to life by creating a dream board or visual outline of your overall goals in 2018.

Make your own unique dream board to help you achieve your goals while also defining your vision for the future. Follow these steps from wikiHow to create your board, and feel free to share it with me when complete!

  • Define your goals. First, set your goals. What are your overall objectives in 2018?
  • Find pictures and quotes to enhance your drive. Use magazines to find pictures and powerful quotes that speak to your overall goals in 2018. There are a wide range of magazines, like Good Housekeeping or Shape, that contain materials you can tailor to Dr. A's micro-habits like the power of motion or healthy hydration.
  • Make your board a collage. Be creative with the construction of your board. Consider pasting images on colorful backgrounds to add a bit of color or use a pattern from fabric.
  • Add words of encouragement. Reinforce your goals and overall vision by adding buzz words, and words of inspiration that stand out, helping to strengthen your daily resolve.
  • Share your dream board. When your dream board is finished, let's talk about your visions, dreams, and goals out loud, taking another step toward making them come true and attainable in the near future.

Would you like to join me on February 10th to create your dream board?

Seeing Is Believing

Seeing-is-believing | Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach

If you can visualize it - you can do it!

Imagine being inside of yourself, looking out at the ideal result. That's the technique of visualization-the daily practice of envisioning your dreams as if they were already complete. As part of your health journey, it can be an invaluable tool towards reaching your weight goal. Some visualization techniques that can help:

  • Create a visual picture. Find a photo of yourself at your happy weight. Or select a picture of someone or something that represents a target weight goal for you. Now post that photo where you'll see it frequently throughout the day. It is a great way to visualize your "Why" and make it feel concrete, keeping you focused on success..
  • Index cards. Your journey towards lifelong transformation is a series of small steps. Using 3x5 index cards, write down the steps you need to focus on and review the stack of cards every morning and evening. Whether it's staying hydrated, getting an extra hour of sleep or engaging in activities of Healthy Motion, visualize yourself doing each micro Habit of Health for 15 seconds. It will keep your transformation journey top of mind as you go through your day.
  • " Use affirmations to support your visualization. An affirmation is a statement that evokes not only a picture, but the experience of achieving that goal. An example: "I'm attending my wedding and people are telling me how beautiful I look!" Repeat it frequently as you continue your health journey, and look for small victories to celebrate on your way to a healthier life..
  • Expect results. Through writing down your goals, using the power of visualization and repeating your daily affirmations, you can make great things happen. All of these techniques allow you to change your beliefs and opinions about yourself, which is essential for a successful Optimal Health journey.

The benefits of visualization are many-inspiring and motivating yourself, helping you focus on your goals better, building self-confidence. Ask me how we can put visualization to work for you!