health journey

Kaylie's Journey

Kaylie is such an inspiration! She chose health and completely changed her life. Here is what she said about her health journey:

"As I’m again reflecting on the many blessings in my life, I can’t not think about my health journey.  This journey started about a year ago for me.

I was feeling:
 * Tired
*  Self-conscious
*  Unhappy
*  Putting on a fake smile
*  Unhealthy
*  Bloated
*  Horrible relationship with food
*  NOT ME!!!

Yesterday and today I was feeling:
 * Energetic
*  Confident
*  Happy
*  Smiley
*  Healthy
*  55 pounds lighter
*  Amazing relationship with food
*  Beautiful

Kaylie: Reflecting on her changed life

Kaylie: Reflecting on her changed life

This week has been about "reflection". Optimize 2018! - Look back and learn from 2017 by opening your mind to new possibilities and expanding your potential.