Four Milestone Goals To Strive For

Four-milestones-to-strive-for | Pam Bredenkamp | Health Coach

Celebrating your Journey Step-by-Step:

When it comes to weight loss, a steady pace towards lifelong transformation is best for long term results and optimization.

It can be helpful to break up that overarching goal into smaller, "milestone" achievements along the way. Envisioning these milestones, and giving yourself recognition when you meet them, lets you reward yourself for the small changes and will help keep you on Plan.

Below are four notable milestones to set along the way:

  • Your first progress compliment. "You look great!" or "Have you lost weight recently?" are fabulous comments that you're likely to hear on your journey to lifelong transformation. Commemorate these comments by recording them in a gratitude journal or even on a post-it that you can stick on your mirror to read whenever you need to!
  • You notice YOU on camera. And it makes you feel proud and confident. Post that photo and enjoy the praise of others. Update your framed photos and put new ones around the house. Why not celebrate how amazing you look and feel with a professional photo shoot?
  • You overcome a plateau. If you prepare yourself for the idea that plateaus happen, and are temporary, you'll be better prepared to stay on track if/when you experience one. The best thing we can do is to remind ourselves that we are doing the right things but to also take advantage of the support and resources that are always available to you, like me, your OPTAVIA Coach.
  • You revisit your Why. This will remind you of the progress you desire in achieving your goals by inspiring yourself with the reasons why you want to continue on this journey to lifelong transformation - one healthy habit at a timeā„¢!

This list offers some meaningful ideas you can write down and commemorate on your journey to lifelong transformation, making it easier to achieve Optimal Health. Contact me for other suggestions along the way!