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Power of a Support System

There are many different options when it comes to building a support system, from working in a group, leveraging your Coach, building your social network, or all of the above!

  • Work in a group. This strategy sets the majority of people up for success. By working with family or friends that share similar goals, you are able to push each other and keep one another on track! Newer online support groups are becoming readily available. These programs tend to be interactive, and offer easy ways to stay connected with your network.
  • Work with your Coaches. Whether you choose to participate in an outside group, time with your OPTAVIA Coach is a necessity. Coaches in OPTAVIA’s Community provide one on one guidance, and hold you accountable through every step of your journey.
  • Build a social network. Join any of OPTAVIA’s groups on social media to get better connected with OPTAVIA’s Community. There are both closed or public groups on Facebook, and other platforms, that will widen your network and enhance your Community of likeminded people on the same path as you!

Ask me, your OPTAVIA Coach, about the available options for you!

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