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“My life has changed. I now see the world as an amazing opportunity to share and care for others!”

Nadia would have never dreamed of becoming an OPTAVIA Coach™ as she had struggled with weight throughout her life. Depressed, Nadia felt like her unhealthy lifestyle was permanent. “I was a food addict.”

Growing up, Nadia was never taught healthy habits and therefore used food solely as a coping mechanism. “After many attempts on other programs, I would always gain the weight back.”

Scared and in need of change, Nadia sought help from her doctor who told her to try OPTAVIA.® After losing 120 pounds*, Nadia feels like a different person. “I’m on top of the world! My life has changed. I now see the world as an amazing opportunity to share and care for others!”

Consumed with joy, Nadia can now be herself. She has finally stepped out of her shell and enjoys life. “I’m always smiling and laughing. When talking to everyone I meet, I know it’s important to invest in friendships and relationships.”

“The OPTA Community has loved and encouraged me.” Nadia has made lasting friendships with like-minded, positive people who understand what she has been through and support her. She learned Dr. A’s Habits of Health system along with healthy habits she never knew. “I have replaced my old, bad habits with new, healthy habits that sustain me mentally and physically.”

“I want to spread the message of hope to everyone. There is a solution!”

*Average weight loss for Clients on the Optimal Weight 5 & 1 Plan® with support is 20 pounds.

She's Half Her Size!


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