Your Transition To Health

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Your discipline on Plan has paid off. Now it’s time to make the transition to lifelong healthy eating.

You will expand and develop a new eating plan that you can use for the rest of your life. Six of these eating habits you’ve learned through the Habits of Health system.

Chapter 12 of Dr. Wayne Andersen’s Dr. A’s Habits of Health book presents an overview of the behaviors essential to maintaining a healthy weight:

  • Breakfast. By now, you’re in the habit of eating a healthy, portion-controlled breakfast every morning. Keep up this routine to ensure long-term weight loss.
  • Exercise. Increasing your activity level from the OPTAVIA Program is very important. Keep up your 30 minutes of Healthy Motion each day and consider dialing up the intensity level.
  • Support. Don’t forget your OPTAVIA Coach is always there to help you along your journey to lifelong transformation. They can provide much needed assistance and support when making this important transition.
  • Low-fat meals every two-three hours. You learned the importance of eating low-fat, high protein Fuelings every two-three hours. You’ve expanded the food choices that are available to you, but you should follow this same routine of eating small, high-protein meals on a regular basis.
  • Individual plan. Now that you’re past the initial weight-loss stage, it’s important to build a plan that gives you control and long-term strategies for life!
  • Monitor. Continue to check your weight on a weekly basis, and monitor your energy levels to ensure you’re not taking in too many calories.

Making these personal investments every day is important in your quest for Optimal Wellbeing! Ask me about other ways you can transition to lifelong healthy eating.