Day 15

This past week I've learned that every day, week, month, etc are filled with trips, traps, and pitfalls; but it's how we respond to them can make or break your day, spirit, or even your meal plan.  

Not going to lie, some challenges are hard and require some real adulting. But many challenges are simply no more than "I want things my way" but the universe has other ideas. Which many equate to "a bad day".

During our son's wake 11.5 years ago, someone asked me during Nick's life, what I learned from Nick (our special needs son).  It took me no time to share that Nick never faced a road block, he was fluid like water, and always found a solution and just went around it - not avoiding, but found a way to work around obstacles.  Did I mention he had an agragate IQ of only 68?  Wow! Even to this day I often forget this life-lessons. 

Ok, so here's my point; this past week the family schedule could have thrown my fueling plan into a total tailspin, because 3 straight nights what I planned to have for my lean and green dinner got shot to the wind. There was no way I was going to be home to prepare my planned healthy dinner. So what's a girl to do??!!  

Always have a "Plan B"! Or as we call it, "Plan Q". Yep "Q" stands for Qdoba!  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday I had an amazing dinner with a different grandchild each evening at Qdoba. I chose to have a taco salad (no shell, beans, or rice), with double chicken, Pico, and dressing on the side, and lemon. So simple - so good - so empowering!   

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