Day 8


Wahoo! First week was a huge success! Even though there was a few very stressful situation I made it 100% and according to plan.  We even went out to eat twice!  One restaurant I'm very familiar with me and knew exactly what I would order; I think they may actually have a salad named after me by now. HAHAHA  The second time was for a "siblings dinner" where all my husbands local siblings and spouses get together once a quarter.  This time Mellow Mushroom was chosen, a restaurant I was unfamiliar with. So I looked at the menu online, narrowed down a couple of options, called the restaurant for further clarification, and made my choice.  So when we arrived I didn't even have to look at the menu (which avoided temptations).  I knew I was ordering Regular Caesar Salad, with a full side order of Chicken (6 oz), no croutons or cheese, and vinaigrette dressing on the side. They made it exactly as I ordered and it was delicious but the best part. . . . . I felt victorious, empowered and in control!!!

#IgotThis #CheckingIn #Accountability

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