How it all began

At almost 400 lbs my life had become so confined and limited. I didn't want to die, but I knew if I continued living the same unhealthy lifestyle I would not see my grandchildren grow up and full fill their dreams.

I knew I needed to get control of my health but more importantly, I had to get to a right-sized body by getting my weight down.

I knew if I didn't I would soon be taking medication for either high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and eventually diabetes, but I also knew I would not be the grandmother I knew I should be - living with limitations.

So when my health coach put together a plan best for me and asked if I would commit for 30 days - - - I thought, "what do I have to loose?!" (no pun intended). It was easy, I fueled my body 6 times a day, the craving went away, I had a community of support, and the best part - - it actually saved me money!

It wasn't long until I was able to tie my shoes, walk around the block, or go to a restaurant without fear of not fitting into the chairs. (more on that story later). I am down 100 lbs and I love my new lifestyle and the adventures my grandchildren and I are already getting to experience together!! And the journey continues on my path to my optimal health!

At almost 400 lbs

At almost 400 lbs

Here is where I started: