Day 5

Had several errands with my mom yesterday. One of them was to Kohl's, which is next to Hometown Buffet; one of moms favorites. Now that I'm back on my journey, I gotta admit, my knees buckled a little, started to panic a little, cause I know what I was about to face. . . .
I put on my blinders, got moms food, then got my lettuce with Salsa because all protein options were either fried or sauces. I'll enjoy my protein later tonight at home with family.
#IgotThis #CheckingIn #Accountability


Day 1


I have been off my program for many months, ok - more like almost 3 years.  I've used a lot of life's trials and tribulations as excuses to allow my healthy lifestyle to slowly slip away; and a lot of my original weight loss (220 lbs) has made it's way back.  I'm making these posts to document my "re-newed" journey as my own personal journal.  I know how important accountability and a supportive community is in any form of progress - health or otherwise.  So here WE go! (and by "we" I mean that as collective/supportive/community)!

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