Stop Challenge Choose

Day 10

Every day we are all faced with choices and challenges.   As many of you know, my mom LOVES McDonald's.  There's something about that red happy meal box, her plan double cheeseburger, small fries, and senior coffee (half/caf) that just makes her day!  But taking her is also a challenge for me and keeping on my plan.  Sometimes I just order a coffee and mix my hot coco fueling in - sometimes I may get a small side salad with a squeeze of lemon, but regardless what I choose I'm always visually tempted.  Not to mention the continues offer of "here, want some of my fries"?  "No thank you mom" I reply. 

I've adopted the "Stop, Challenge, Choose" method in so many aspects of my life now.  When I'm faced with a challenge (food or otherwise), I STOP, assess my CHALLENGE, then CHOOSE the best option that will get me one step closer to my overall goal.  Now that I totally understand that the choices I make WILL have an impact on my plan, I choose wisely!  This applies not only to how I fuel my body, but in life choices as well.  What's really cool is I've explained this to the grand kids and I've actually watched them put this practice into play when making choices.